“Antimicrobial Resistance: A Chronicle of Laughter, Learning, and Intellectual Adventurers”

In today’s interconnected world, global health challenges of the 21st century require collaborative efforts from diverse teams this was no different for our group as we set out to identify and address a pressing health concern by harnessing our collective strengths and resources. Grab your explorer’s hat and buckle up, as we take you on a wild ride through the exhilarating world of global health challenges! Our team of daring adventurers set out on a mission to tackle a formidable health foe, armed only with our wits, resourcefulness, and a healthy dose of humour. Read on to discover how our fantastic group turned the complex issue of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) into an engaging, memorable presentation.

The intellectual quest began as each team member searched the far reaches of the internet to unearth potential global health challenges of the 21st century. We tossed our findings into a dedicated WhatsApp group, igniting enthusiastic discussions and sparking friendly rivalries. In the end, we held a vote to decide the most fearsome health enemy worth fighting, and AMR emerged as the victor, but our journey had just begun.

 It was time to assemble our research army, with our target locked; we devised a battle. The topic was divided into sections to ensure the marking criteria were addressed with each member enlisted in a research squadron, ready to charge into their designated battleground. After braving the frontlines of research, we regrouped and assembled our treasure trove of information into a single Word document. Our band of intrepid explorers scrutinized the document, offering words of wisdom and encouragement to refine our presentation’s narrative arc. We had just figured out the great puzzle.

Throughout the journey, our motley crew held biweekly meetings to exchange ideas, stories, and hearty laughter. When distance threatened to separate us, we relied on trusty Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp to bridge the gap, ensuring we never lost sight of our shared goal because staying connected was necessary for the victory ahead. You can call us the Chatty Adventurers’ Club.

Every great adventure story has a wise mentor, and ours was no exception. We crossed paths with Cathy and Anna, who bestowed upon us valuable insights and enchanted tips for creating a captivating presentation. Their pearls of wisdom and practical guidance illuminated their path, paving the way for our next crucial task – transforming raw data into a captivating slideshow. We left the encounter wiser and more prepared for the challenges ahead. Pro-tip, always listen to the Sage’s advice.

Under the soft glow of the Beehive room, we huddled around our laptops, weaving together a tapestry of PowerPoint slides as we pooled our talents to transform our data into a visual extravaganza, a masterpiece. This was an experience we will not be forgetting soon as we stayed at the beehive till 9 pm with our tired eyes, and weary feet but determined mind, a fun and enlightening adventure.

The PowerPoint slides were divided into five thrilling acts, with the final speaker taking the spotlight to reveal our climactic recommendations – a crucial element of our presentation’s grand finale. We were opportune to get expert advice from Fatma, the language advisor.

As the curtain rose on our performance, we practised our roles individually and as an ensemble, using Microsoft Teams, in-person sessions, and even summoning the aid of the library team. Our combined efforts honed our presentation to perfection, ensuring that each member was ready to dazzle the audience- the final showdown. The hard work and commitment paid off as we passed the presentation with flying colours.

So, dear readers, our thrilling tale of camaraderie, humour, and triumph ends. Our team’s heroic efforts produced an awe-inspiring, entertaining presentation on the formidable issue of AMR – proving that even the most daunting global health challenges can be conquered when we work together with a smile on our faces. Stay safe, take care and away from antibiotic abuse.

Our journey would not have been the same without the unique contributions of each team member.


Becky, our research wizard, ventured into the vast ocean of knowledge, always returning with precious pearls of information. Her sense of humour was our anchor, defusing all tension.

 Dami, our organizational guru, provided structure to our chaos. Her creative ideas were like sparks, igniting trails of innovation and inspiring us to think outside the box.

Festus brought versatility and intuitiveness to the table. He would adapt to any situation, intuitively filling in gaps. Like a Swiss army knife, ready to tackle any challenge that came our way.

Florence, our presentation maestro, with skills so impeccable they left us in awe every time. Her warm spirit was infectious, spreading positivity like a gentle breeze on a summer day. Honeybelle, our group’s generous heart and mind. Her intelligence permeated our work, while her generous sharing of snacks kept us fuelled and energized during long meetings. Altogether, we were more than just a group; we were a well-oiled machine, a unique blend of skills and personalities, and a perfect team.

Finally, adding to our vibrant mix, we had Dayo – an unofficial member of the presentation team, yet very much part of the collective process. His quips and antics had us rolling with laughter, providing the perfect icebreaker during intense sessions and not to forget our little research assistant-Nathan.

Compiled by:  Becky, Dami, Festus, Florence and Honeybelle.

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    Congratulations to you guys. Team work makes it more easy, engaging, fun and better.
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