What past students have said

In one word, my experience at Salford has been life-changing

See above picture for a quote from one of our students, emblazoned on the main Allerton staircase! Below is a range of other feedback we have had from recent students:

The lecturers were very supportive and had a brilliant approach in welcoming diversity from all angles

“The course has been a great experience and enabled me to develop new skills. I was already a practicing doctor when I enrolled on the course, and the course offered me the opportunity to see the patients with a different eye. I can still recall the discussions in class on the ‘Social determinants of Health’. As physicians, we too often overlook the impact society has on people’s individual health, or the impact inequalities have. The Statistics module provided me with invaluable skills more so in reading publications. Having left university a while back and already working part-time, plus being a Mum of two, I was quite apprehensive to undertake the course initially, but the lecturers were very supportive and had a brilliant approach in welcoming diversity from all angles” (Yasmina Heesambee-Peeroo, International Student, 2017)

Focussed on inequalities in health

“I particularly chose this course as it focussed on inequalities in health. The lecturers were friendly, knowledgeable, inspirational and approachable and supportive. There is a good mix of professions and cultures, which made for interesting discussions. The global health module was very interesting. Great other courses available from Salford Advantage, such as Wordscope, presentation skills, and many others. Excellent guest lecturers, opportunities to volunteer and get involved in conferences.” (Home student)

Guest lecturers who worked for the local authorities were able to give real-world context

“I found all lecturers to be welcoming and engaging; this was important as I had been out of higher education for some time. The ability to discuss and debate topics covered in the course was very good, especially due to the wide range of experiences the students brought with them. Guest lecturers who worked for the local authorities and other agencies were able to give real-world context, which I found particularly helpful.” (Home single module student)

The programme is tailored well to equip students with excellent research skills

“The programme is tailored well to equip students with excellent research skills, data management (collection, analysis and interpretation) skills through statistics module and also writing skills which is a core critical requirement that every public health professional should have in order to succeed and impact on people’s lives” (International student)

Brilliant research opportunities for students

“I couldn’t speak about the course with higher regard. The teaching staff are amazing and their knowledge around the most up to date research in the field is exceptional and results in brilliant research opportunities for students. The course content is diverse and really explores as many avenues as possible in an ever expanding public health field. Having the opportunity to work with external organisations whilst completing the dissertation element of the course really expands learning and career opportunities for the future and allows students to achieve greater recognition for the work they put in. I believe my current role is directly related to gaining this qualification.” (Home student)

Very interactive and intriguing programme

“The positive aspects of the course is that it is a very interactive and intriguing programme, in the sense that it is so engaging and challenging at the same time. The programme helped students to strengthen their team working skills, interpersonal relationships skills, problem solving skills, reflective skills, critical thinking skills, and appraisal skills.” (International student)

Skills for learning

“It was a year well spent. At the beginning of the program, I experienced difficulty adapting to the system and environment which I was able to overcome with the help of my personal tutor through encouraging talks and referral to skills for learning. 

1.       The lecturers were very welcoming and always ready to assist students to the extent they recommend specific classes on study skills where they feel the student need skills improvement.

2.       Delivery of lectures by visiting lecturers. Example lectures by Director Public Health Wigan, Linda Dubrow-Marshall among others” (International student)