From one of our Alumni – Chuks Onwunyi

By Mar.04, 2020

I am Chuks Onwunyi from Nigeria. I bagged a Masters of Public Health degree from the University of Salford in 2017. My interest in public health was born out of a keen desire to understand the dynamics and variations in health of population. I wanted to understand what determines human health and how these factors could be managed in providing optimal population health. Enrolling in the MSc Public Health program was therefore a way to enhance my capacity to contribute positively to improving population/community health

Picking University of Salford was easy: Beyond my love for Manchester, the testimonials of alumni as well as the structured curriculum/programme informed my choice of and attraction to the University of Salford. Moreso, during my time at the university, the support received was immense. The lecturers were open and accessible, and I also had access to experts outside the school which helped me see the wide application of my course of study. The curriculum exposed me to different aspects of public health. I also enjoyed the mentorship program which gave me access to lecturers who had great experience in public health. Also, the lectures were designed to allow engagement with public health experts from different practice areas. This particularly helped me to see the application of theory in practice post graduation. I also networked with some of these experts which was helpful in shaping my next career decision.

Another interesting feature of the public health program at Salford is that it allowed for public health skill acquisition and development. During my program I led an external project which gave me firsthand experience and skills which I honed and have applied over time. Furthermore, after graduation, I have successfully led major international projects. Much of the successes recorded on these projects can be traced to the mentorship program which continues post-study. I have consulted my mentor (that was assigned to me during my study) at different times for references, ideas and direction.

I currently work as a Health Policy Analyst with the Government. I have led and supported several projects including the development of the Suicide Prevention Framework, Opioids harm reduction policy strategy, and design of the Alcohol harm reduction policy options. Before now, I led a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded project in Africa targeted at improving Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health outcomes.

I am grateful for my experience at Salford. The experience laid the foundation for all I have contributed to recently and the improved health outcomes being experienced in several countries. Salford to the World!

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