Research Seminar Series




Title of talk

Tues 28th January

Liz Burns

University of Salford

Communities in Charge of Alcohol: scaling up community-centred approaches to reduce health inequalities

Tues 4th February

John Obeng

University of Salford

Drivers of Disrespectful Intrapartum Care Experiences of Women in Tema Ghana

Tues 11th February

Dr Jennifer Germain

Liverpool John Moores University

Ethical and methodological considerations of online research methods

Tues 18th February

Jack Benton & Louise Mitchell

University of Manchester and University of Salford

Jack: TBC; Louise: Improving the health of older people through community-based environmental projects

Tues 3th March

Katherine Fithon

University of Salford (alumni)


Tues 17th March

Deborah Bancroft

University of Salford (alumni)


Tues 24th March

Caoimhe McKerr

University of Liverpool

The epiCrypt Study – household transmission of Cryptosporidium

Tuesday 28th April

Andi Mabhala

University of Chester

Being at the bottom rung of the ladder in an unequal society

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