Applied Dissertation projects

Within the programme, students have the opportunity to carry out ‘applied research projects’ for their final dissertation.  The ideas for these projects are generated through consultation with: the local public health workforce in its widest sense (e.g. the local Fire Service, or Police Force); student sponsors; or from within the academic team related to UoS academic staff’s own research areas.  These applied projects are designed to answer key research questions, relevant to current public health issues, and inform public health practice as a result. The external dissertations give training in presenting to, and writing for an external audience, rather than just an ‘academic’ one.

Completed Applied projects:

  • Assessing the effects of the T.H.O.M.A.S voluntary work place programme in increasing a positive sense of wellbeing and personal identity in recovering drug users; considering the impact of deprivation – Ashley Carrick (2015), conducted for Salford City Council
  • Evaluation of Salford GP practice Bowel Cancer Screening incentive scheme using a mixed methods approach  – Jenny Aindow (2015), conducted for Salford City Council