Dr Anna Cooper-Ryan

Anna Cooper is a Lecturer in Public Health. She has a first degree in Psychology with Neuropsychology and a masters in counselling psychology Studies. Anna’s PhD was titled ‘Effectiveness of a Global Oral Health Programme targeting 6-7 year old primary schoolchildren in NW England, UK’, an evaluation commissioned for a private organisation. Anna’s research focuses on childhood, behaviour change, interventions and oral health; with research interest around the use of mHealth within interventions and evaluating interventions. Anna is a fellow of the HEA and has recently completed her Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice.

Key Publications:

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    Front cover and press release

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Anna’s research has contributed to the outputs of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Oral Health Research in Deprived Communities. This also provided opportunities to engage with international public health professionals including the Malaysian Ministry of Health, public health policy officials from Japan and at the WHO in Geneva, as well as sharing research outputs at international conferences in Spain, Italy, Canada and the UK.

Contact: a.m.cooper@salford.ac.uk