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Psychologists regularly use questionnaires to collect data about peoples attitudes, personality, perceptions, or behaviour (amongst other things).

The department has access to a variety of measures, and you can find information on them in the links below -downloads made available where possible. The questionnaires, scales, and inventories listed below are a great place to get started on looking for a suitable measure for your researcher. Although, there are many measures that are not listed below. You may find a more suitable measure by conducting a Library Search, using Google Scholar, or by other means. If you come across something interesting that you think we should look at, please let us know!

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We endeavor to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information. However, it is up to the researcher to ensure the information they take from here is correct. Especially, taking care not to breach copyright law. You can find out more about copyright by clicking ‘here‘.

Questionnaires (A-Z)