Seminar – Effect of geometry of a room on diffusion based on ray chaotic method

Wed 17th April 12:30 – 13:30. This seminar will be in person (G14, Newton Building). A teams link is also available to join online. Abstract Chaos theory represents a recently developed robust mathematical method that may allow for the quantification of diffuseness by the Lyapunov exponent, and the ergodicity characteristic can be implemented in a

Seminar: Framework for drone operating recommendations based on acoustic metrics analysis

Wed 15th June 13:00 – 14:00 UK Time This seminar will be streamed via Teams – Click here to join the meeting. Abstract The drone industry is rapidly expanding, with several applications in the pipeline: parcel delivery, blue light services, surveillance, and even people transportation. They are expected to bring important benefits such as reduction

Seminar: Noise Reduction Technologies for Centrifugal Fans

Dr. Ignacio Zurbano Fernández Date: 20th October at 12:30 UK Time Join the seminar here: Click here to join the meeting Abstract Noise emission is an increasing environmental concern in large urban areas and a competitive issue in today’s global market. The fan is one of the most used components in ventilation and cooling systems


PhD Student: Gethin Manuel Date: 13th October at 12:30 UK Time Join the seminar here: Click here to join the meeting Abstract The aim of this research is to develop innovative and implementable blast noise management techniques. The research contains two areas of interest: Firstly, occupational blast noise exposure. Secondly, environmental blast noise. Expect lots

Seminar: Modelling of Acoustic Surface Treatments

This week on 6th Oct 2021 our lunchtime Acoustics Research Seminars resume and we are happy that two recent MSc Audio Acoustics graduates – Johnny Lee and Kim Steele – will present their project work for us. Abstract for both are below. The seminar will be 12;30 – 13:30 on Teams. Click here to join

Seminar: The SPAACE Project: Speech Perception by Autistic Adults in Complex Environments

by Hannah Guest, Alex Sturrock, George Bendo, and Graham Hanks 12:30 – 1:30 pm (UK time) 26th May 2021 Microsoft Team Meeting: Click here to join the meeting Abstract: Among the autistic population, there are longstanding personal reports of atypical speech perception; yet empirical evidence is inconsistent, generally based on underpowered studies, disparate methods, and