What happens when microbiologists meet virtual reality developers?

We set up a collaboration between microbiologists, computer scientists and virtual reality developers to create this educational experience from real experimental data. Dr Chloe James grew bacteria on a glass slide in the lab. Then she treated them with antibiotics and watched what happened. Next she sent photographs of the results to Allen Fairchild and Damon Reid, who turned them into a virtual reality game.

Playing the game

When you play #VRBiofilms you will explore the results of our real-life bacterial experiment. You will learn what a bacterial biofilm is, how it forms and how it responds to different antibiotics. By playing this game, you will find out why it is so important to use antibiotics properly, because if you don’t take the full course, you might allow resistance to develop within biofilms. Read more about how we worked together to develop the game here.

Watch a preview

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