BioSelfies Results

The results are in!

If you made a Bioselfie at one of our events, then you can find your artwork here. Remember that your bioselfie is completely unique, because you painted it with your own bacteria! We think that your bioselfies are gorgeous! If you browse through all the results, you will see a great diversity of microorganims that live on our skin and in our mouths. Some bioselfies show many different species, others show just one. Some have very little growth, whereas others have filled the entire plate! Remember, this is all quite normal and nothing to be concerned about. The bioselfie is just a snap shot and does not represent all of your microorganims.

Find your bioselfie

To find your own result, click on the event that you attended from the list below, then click on the link to find your bioselfie. If you don’t know your number, please email us at

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