Welcome to MICROBIhOME

The MICROBIhOME is a mixed media installation, which was inspired by the human mircobiome and developed by the University of Salford. The project brings together artists, scientists, technicians, and communicators to reveal the wonders of the microbial inhabitants of the human body.

We are co-creating with students, artists and scientists to develop a dynamic platform for public engagement. We have showcased our activities at Manchester Science Festival, Cheltenham Science Festival, The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, Latitude, BlueDot, Immerse and local schools. Please contact us if you would like us to develop something with you.

Why we developed MICROBIhOME

Microorganisms are crucial for human health, which is under threat because of the misuse of antibiotics. So, effective global action is needed, across health and science disciplines, to address the problem of antibiotic resistance (AMR). These actions must engage young people, who will form the next generation of scientists. So we designed this suite of interactive sci-art activities to engage young people on topics around their “microbiome” (the trillions of microorganisms inhabiting our bodies) and how misuse of antibiotics can disrupt the status quo.

Our Mission

The MicrobiHOME aims to create public curiosity about the microbes that inhabit the human body. We want to talk about:

  1. How different microorganisms work together with the body for human health,
  2. The impact of antibiotics on our healthy microbiota,
  3. How bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics,
  4. The importance of antibiotic stewardship.

Our Activities

Drawing on our research expertise, we deliver a programme that invites public exploration of their microorganisms in new and exciting ways. Our academic, industrial and artistic partners have enabled us to co-create large scale, immersive installations that combine physical, audible and virtual reality microbiome experiences. If you visit one of our activities you can:

  • Sample your own microbiota,
  • Actively explore the underlying science and technologies used in microbiology,
  • Experience audiovisual microbial landscapes,
  • Discover more about the microbial diversity in your body
  • Learn how antibiotics affect your microbes and how resistance develops.
  • Reflect on the relevance of these experiences in their everyday lives.

Read an interview with Chloe James about the build up to our MICROBIhOME launch at Manchester Science Festival 2018, by Rhys (Broadcast journalism student at Salford) – Made in Salford Post

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