Making Microbe Models

Our MICROBiHOME team are working with Morson Maker Space to create models that help people talk about the wonders of microbes.

Our collaboration with Morson Maker Space

We got together with Mike Walsh and Aidan Dunbar from Morson Maker Space and came up with a set of eye-catching and scientifically accurate designs. Together, we created giant 3D models of viruses and bacteria for display at our outreach events. Our students find them useful in lectures to help answer questions like:

  • What do viruses look like and what are they made of?
  • How do viruses invade cells?
  • How do microorganisms evolve to avoid detection by the immune system?
  • What makes bacteria move?

Get your very own microbe model

Our smaller microbe models are great mementos for people when they visit our events. They may be smaller, but they are still 50,000 x bigger than the real thing! These were initially made by 3D-printing with plastic, but more recently we have switched to laser-cut wood. We love them all!

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