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Tell us what you think of MICROBIhOME

We would like to know your thoughts about our MICROBIhOME activities so we can develop them further. Was it fun? Did you learn something? How can we improve?

Organic Collaboration Building: From dream to VIRTUAL reality

Building the dream: I have always wanted to create a virtual microbial world; a window into the secret life of microbes that usually, only us microbiologists get to see. I am interested in how bacteria grow and survive in the body. Most bacteria grow as “biofilms”. They secrete sugars called “exopolysaccharides” that form a well […]

Bioselfies at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

We were thrilled to be part of the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition this year (free family event on 7th July. We travelled down to London with a car load of agar plates, swabs and microscopes. We had a prime spot in the reception area of the beautiful Royal Society building, who’s doors opened promptly […]