Wanted: Knocker-upper of Salford (1950s-1960s)

The Knocker-upper in this image was asked to wake people up before alarm clocks were commonly used. He would knock at bedroom windows with a long stick or use a pea shooter so that people would be able to go to work on time. It seems that this service was mostly offered by older men and women.

This photo shows a house on Raby Street in Moss Side, Manchester. Does anyone remember a knocker-upper in Salford? Was there a similar person offer this service between the 1950s and 70s? I can imagine a lot of funny stories about people not waking up or windows being broken. If you have any, please share them with us.

Knocker-up’ tapping on bedroom window, Raby Street area of Moss Side, Manchester, 1960s. Walter Greenwood Collection. WGC/4/4/7.

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