The modern backdrop: Memories of Salford (1965-1973)

Welcome to our blog! Here you can find images of Salford found in archives or private collections and taken during the 1960s and 70s. We will also post short articles written by residents, architects, researchers, and others interested in contributing to our project.

We are researchers at the university of Salford and the project we are working on seeks to understand the ways of thinking of architects, planners, members of the council that led to the demolition of housing and the building of tower blocks. We are also interested to understand how the residents of Salford were portrayed in literature, film, radio, newspaper etc. and, finally, how this differs from memories and experiences of actual residents. We are very fortunate that this project is funded by the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art. This enables us to do research, collect memories and organise events. We will announce our activities in our blog and are hoping that you will come along.

When reading our blog, please leave a comment if you have suggestions, corrections, memories or just comments on the photographs.

We hope you enjoy our blog.

Tanja, Alex, Eddy and Peter

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