Ages & Stages Questionnaire: Social-Emotional (ASQ:SE-2)

By Aug.02, 2021


The ASQ:SE-2 is a questionnaire that can recognize young children at risk for social or emotional difficulties, identify behaviors of concern to caregivers, and identify any need for further assessment.

Copyright restrictions:

This is a paid-for questionnaire that has strict copyright guides, please contact the publisher for further guidance. If you intend to use this questionnaire/scale, please contact your supervisor or Please prepare time to acquire copyright permission.


Squires J, Bricker D, Twombly E. Ages & stages questionnaires: socialemotional. A parent-completed, child-monitoring system for social emotional behaviors. Baltimore: Brookes Publishing Co; 2002.

The above is not APA formatted.

Ethical Considerations:

Intended for research with young children (1–72 months).

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