Experiment Battery

There are a number of solutions available for conducting data collection with behavioural tasks, such as the Stroop task, Go/No-Go task, or N-back task. At Salford, we predominantly use 4 solutions; PEBL, E-Prime, Psychopy, and Gorilla.

Each has different strengths and weaknesses, so you should consider which system is best for your research. The video below provides a brief introduction to the 4 solutions.

Introduction to Experimental Software Video

Once you’ve figured out which solution will work best for you, you can access resources for each, including download links for tasks our technicians have developed, using the buttons below.

Currently, we can only share our E-prime and PsychoPy experiments with University of Salford staff and students. Please contact psytech@salford.ac.uk if you’re from outside the organisation and wish to access these experiments.