Wheel of fortune (PsychoPy)


Wheel of fortune gambling task with ‘rigged’ outcomes.
Default settings:
4 blocks (consisting of predominantly; near wins, sure wins, near losses, sure losses), of 10 trials.
Winnings start at £200 with £40 bet per trial. Participant receives £80 for a win (£40 back + £40) Winnings reset each block.

A ReadMe file is included within the download that provides full details of the task.


This task is an adaptation of the task described in:

Ulrich, N., Ambach, W., & Hewig, J. (2016). Severity of gambling problems modulates autonomic reactions to near outcomes in gambling, Biological psychology, 119, 11-20.

Ethical considerations:

This task is a representation of gambling, and thus it’s use with particular populations should be considered carefully.