Gorilla is an online experiment manager and hosting system which can be used for both survey based data collection, and the collection of performance data.

You can sign up for an account yourself – please use your university email. Please email psytech@salford.ac.uk for your enrolment code.

Gorilla Open Materials

Gorilla is a platform for online data collection, that can manage complex experimental structures, as well as performance tasks.

Our Gorilla tasks are hosted in the Gorilla Open Science Materials repository.

The Salford PsyTech repository contains common behavioural tasks that are available for you to use. You can find more information on these tasks below.

These appear in the order that we have uploaded them to the repository, so we recommend using the search function in your browser (by pressing ‘CTRL + F’) to locate the task or questionnaire that you’re searching for.

Gorilla Support videos

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