In the Face of Dwelling

Photography Exhibition at the Working Class Movement Library
Opening Event 25th January 4-6pm

Join us on Thursday, 25th of January 4-6pm at the Working Class Movement Library to open our exhibition In the Face of Dwelling.

This exhibition combines portrait photographs of Salford working-class people with photos and architectural drawings that illustrate the types of houses they lived in. Each portrait is linked to a different type of dwelling; some were very common, others were quite specific and have become obsolete.

When set side-by-side these images evoke memories and make us wonder about the daily lives and struggles of families in Salford. Some portraits are haunting, shocking even, making us think about the living conditions families endured, others are sweet and amusing, reminding us that no matter how communities change over time, some things – like cutting a wedding cake, or posing with the new bike on the front lawn – never change.

Information about the Working Class Movement Library and on how to find its car park/the nearest bus stop can be found here:


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  1. From WCML “what’s on” page:

    “Following on from the well-received Shirley Baker exhibition last year, we are again welcoming the University of Salford to bring In The Face Of Dwelling, an exhibition that combines portraits with photographs and architectural drawings of Salford dwellings between c1900 and the 1970s.

    The exhibition opening takes place on Thursday 25th January from 4PM-6PM and the exhibition continues until Thursday 25th April.

    The library is open from Wednesday-Friday, 1PM-4:30PM for visitors. Information on how to find us can be found below.

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