Rising from ashes?

This photo is from the University of Salford’s Photographic Archive. It is one of a number of photos we have depicting the redevelopment of the Ellor Street and Unwin Street area in the 1960s.

This image is part of our Greenwood collection. The original is black/white but we coloured it using DeepAI (https://deepai.org/machine-learning-model/colorizer)

The perspective is really interesting in this photo. The church – probably built in the 19th century – is almost sandwiched between the high rise buildings. Its almost shocking – 10 years earlier, the church would probably have been the tallest building in the scene but is now overcome by the towering blocks of new housing and has been left looking quaint and toy-like.

The Ellor Street and Unwin Street development made way for Salford Precinct and Shopping City. Do you know what church this is in the photo? Perhaps you were one of the first residents in the towers? Let us know by leaving a comment.

You can leave comments underneath each blog post but if you have images or any other historical material on Salford during the 1950s to 1970s that you would like to share, please email t.poppelreuter@salford.ac.uk

We are collecting memories, photographs, postcards, letters etc on the transition between living in terraces to living in tower blocks or other modern buildings. Comments and material sent to us will be displayed anonymously in an exhibition at Salford Museum and in an exhibition catalogue.

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