Other Projects in XR

Prototype: Juderia de Lorca XV century [March 2021]

Motion Graphics for Exhibition: Something to Breathe (Freedom Festival at Hull, 2020)

Motion graphics and concept for the Exhibition realised by Lee Stow at Hull (“Something to Breathe”) for the Hull Freedom Festival (October, 2020).

Immersive Experiences for TEAM GB (2019-2020)

Footage taken in Odaiba, Tokyo, December 2019 for the design of a prototype of immersive tool with the University of Hull in partnership with TeamGB. Recording and editing video in 360: Manuel Hernandez

Valley of the First Iron Masters (May-June 2019)

[TEST] – Sample VR – Brough Walls in Unreal Editor UE4 Game Design

Prototype by Ryan Connor – [May 2019]. Project Management: Dr Manuel Hernandez; Research Coordination of VFIM: Dr Peter Halkon, Dr Darren Mundy and Dr Manuel Hernandez.

AR-Based Educational Environments [2017]

‘L’Learning without Borders’

 Newton Fund British Council Early Career Researchers Workshop

Activities for AR-Based Educational Environments. Mae Kong River (Ching Mai, Thailand, December 2017). Group Members: Chutiwat Suwatthipong, Sumai Binbai, Claire Mann, Angel Urbina and Manuel Hernandez. Video and Post-Production: Manuel Hernandez.