Hecuba [2018]

Hecuba, An Interactive Drama Experience



Josh and Becca are two university students and drama actors performing the opening night of a retelling of the Classical Greek play Hecuba. They’re both competing for a single grant in a prestigious drama school, but the drama teacher can only send one commendation for the board.
For some unexplained reason, the teacher wants Josh to alter the lines from the original script during the representation, forcing Becca to fail to deliver her own lines and improvise, and therefore justifying his decision to offer Josh this commendation.
All this mirrors the events taking place in the original play, where: Andrew, the drama teacher, plays the role of Achilles ghost, demanding to sacrifice Polyxena behind the scenes. Josh plays the role of Neoptolemus, who has some kind of master/pupil or father/son relationship with the teacher and seems capable of doing anything to have his favour. Becca plays the role of Polyxena, who is unaware of this plot and is focused on deliver the original lines from the script. The sacrifice in the game is therefore symbolical in nature.

Here we show one of the earliest proof-of-concept, together with some commercial titles that have been an inspiration for this exercise including The Bunker(Wales Interactive, 2016), Lare Shift (Ctrl Movie, 2016) and Super Seducer (RLR Training Inc, 2018).

©Wales Interactive, 2016 ©Ctrl Movie, 2016
Training Inc, 2018


Budget Video Services (August, 2018)

Budget Provisional Interactive Film (ACE Application, August, 2018)


Employing Motion Capture technologies a number of scenes have been rendered in order to manage a better coordination among the members of the team (Playlist).


Interactive storytelling requires the use of variables to determine the navigation between states in order to unfold the narrative