As we enter February, it is slightly late to post reviews of the previous year. However, it was an eventful year, and we feel that it is worth reflecting on some of the achievements. We have made significant progress as a research team over the last year. There are several things to be proud of:

  1. Publication of several journal articles including the first FASD prevalence study in Greater Manchester. The journal that published the prevalence study highlighted it as being one of the most shared articles in the last quarter of last year. The paper can found here.
  2. The mention of our research in the Department of Health and Social Care Health Needs assessment which can be located here.
  3. One of the participants in the trial run of our parenting intervention, SPECIFIC, told us her story, and how the intervention was life-changing. The story is written here.
  4. Addition of a new research team member, Nicola Hickman. You can read Nicola’s story on this page.
  5. SalfordFASD’s very own David Gilbert delivered a presentation to the Royal College of Psychiatry’s Special Interest Group on neurodevelopmental disorders. The presentation was delivered on the 5th November, 2021 and titled FASD and the criminal justice system: vulnerability & suggestibility.
  6. The final BIG story came with the conferment of honorary professorship to our own Raja Mukherjee. This story is detailed here.

We remain dedicated to advancing research on Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, as is nicely illustrated by this quote from our newest member, Nicola:

“The research carried out by the FASD team at Salford is extremely beneficial, but there are still many avenues to explore in order for FASD to be fully understood…I feel privileged to be classed as being a part of a team that is doing fantastic work in FASD.”

We very much look forward to the years to come with renewed anticipation of more impactful work!