The SalfordFASD team gains a new Professor

Recently, the SalfordFASD research team received very exciting news: an additional professor has been added to our research team.

Dr Raja Mukherjee (now professor!) was conferred with an Honorary Professorship from the University of Salford. Professor Penny Cook says:

The University of Salford has awarded Raja Mukherjee Honorary Professor because of his massive contribution to our FASD research at the University of Salford, and because he is a giant in the field of FASD. Thank you for all your hard work, Professor Mukherjee!”

Professor Mukherjee is a consultant psychiatrist with interest in the management of developmental disorders across the lifespan. He is is one of the pioneers of the SalfordFASD research team. Prof. Mukherjee has acted as an advisor to the British Medical Association Board of Science, the Department of Health and the World Health Organisation on the subject of FASD.

Professor Mukherjee and the team at Salford have together produced three book chapters and more than six peer reviewed publications. We have successfully acquired three research grants and have completed two major projects. Professor Mukherjee has also helped supervise Salford PhD students. This has been a highly productive collaboration, and the Honorary Professor position is in recognition of this.

We are most pleased on his recent professorial title conferment. In accepting the appointment, Professor Mukherjee says:

“I’m really humble and proud that my colleague and friend Penny Cook nominated me for an Honorary Professorship. It was confirmed this week. I’m really excited. Thank you, Penny and team.”

Congratulations, Professor Raja Mukherjee!

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