Talking about FASD

We like to talk about FASD and our research. We give talks for groups including academics, local professionals and families. Recently, we have done presentations on our research to community paediatric staff, CAMHS teams and primary school teaching staff.  Depending on the audience, sometimes we do an introduction to FASD as a condition.  For other audiences, we do a more detailed look at a particular research project, including the design of the study, sample size strengths and limitations of our results and implications of the findings.

We are always happy to host a Q&A session after. We have found the Q&A sessions are invaluable as open discussion about FASD can be an effective way to tackle misinformation and stigma associated with the condition. This also offers us the opportunity for two-way discussions, helping us with feedback on the potential impact of our work and help us to make more informed recommendations for policy and further research.

Titles of talks we have given recently include:

Prenatal Alcohol exposure and FASD: an introduction

Unravelling FASD and early trauma

How many children in Greater Manchester have FASD?

“I’m always up against a Brick Wall with them” Parents’ experiences of accessing support for their child with a newly recognised developmental disorder​

Neuro-developmental findings from the ADD GM study: Extent of previously undetected Developmental Disorders in children assessed at three primary Schools in England 

FASD and the criminal justice system

Below is some of the feedback from our recent presentation to Manchester Community Paediatricians for their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) event:

The study team have done a huge amount of work in setting this up and highlighted that FASD is probably more common than we think”

Very pertinent topic related to cases we do see. Clear slides, thorough explanation at the right level for our audience

Please contact if you would like us to talk to your group.