Bury Alcohol Health Champion vlogs about her experiences during lockdown

By Nov.16, 2020

As just about everyone had to find new ways of working when we entered lockdown earlier this year, this was also true of alcohol health champions working across the Greater Manchester region. Undeterred, Natalie – an alcohol health champion in Bury – volunteered to have a go at vlogging for the first time. Confined to home with only her own devices to record on, she has developed some great vlogs to share her experiences of being an alcohol health champion. For anyone, interested in working at community level as an alcohol health champion, Natalie and her colleagues have a wealth of experience to share.

In her second vlog, Natalie chats to Janis – another Bury alcohol health champion – about their experiences of working in the community, with friends, family and at community events, including using an AUDIT-C to chat about alcohol consumption. Together they give a great explanation of what an AUDIT-C is. They had such challenges being able to find space to make a vlog given all the restrictions that were in place at that time. Thanks to both for persevering – it’s a great vlog.

Brilliant work.

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