Alcohol Health Champions

CICA takes an asset based community development (ABCD) approach to reducing alcohol harm. One asset that exists in all communities are willing volunteers with specific interests. CICA trains local volunteers who are interested in becoming ‘Alcohol Health Champions’ or AHCs. Alcohol Health Champions provide brief advice about alcohol to friends, family and colleagues and are also part of a local team who can help influence decision making around alcohol licensing. All AHCs who complete the training satisfactorily are awarded a Level 2 RSPH qualification. Alcohol Health Champions alongside Local Leads developed and contributed to a short documentary which describes the early stages of rolling out this intervention.

Watch this 16 minute documentary to hear more about becoming an alcohol health champion and to hear some of our champion’s inspiring stories.

In this short video filmed at our conference in 2019, we gained great contributions from a range of people involved in CICA including Lee, an alcohol health champion from Manchester. Find out more, here:

During lockdown in 2020, Natalie’s created these vlogs about being an alcohol health champion. Thank you Natalie!