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Individually Different, Collectively Unique

Since 2000, the Psychology team has grown from four to its current size which now includes 18 academic staff. The Psychology team have a reputation for generating research with an applied focus and have been returned in each of the last three UK research assessment exercises. They maintain both national and international profiles in their respective areas, regularly publishing academic articles and books and appearing in the media.  A number of PhD students are working with the team, including Graduate Teaching Assistants studying topics as diverse as changing health behaviours in children to improving psychological health in the workplace.

To find out about the team, visit their individual profiles:

John Allbutt

Dr Clare Allely

Robert Bendall

Dr Simon Cassidy

Dr Sharon Coen

Janine Crosbie 

Dr Linda Dubrow-Marshall

Dr Peter Eachus

Dr Adam Galpin

Michael Lomas

Dr Lynne Marrow

Dr Jo Meredith

Dr Sarah Norgate

Lorna Paterson

Anne Pearson

Sam Royle

Dr Gemma Taylor

Dr Ben Short

Dr Catherine Thompson

Dr Ashley Weinberg