EASE Loudspeaker Measurements Now Possible at Salford

By Dec.03, 2014

We are proud to have invested in a new loudspeaker measurement robot from Four Audio! As well as being able to utilise the fully automated loudspeaker measurement system for many research projects we have now also launched a new loudspeaker measurement service; the first UK based service of its kind.

EASE-Measurements balloon

The ELF system rotates the object under test in both the azimuth and elevation directions, allowing directivity measurements in up to 1 degree resolution in both planes. This provides much more detailed and accurate measurement capabilities than were practically realisable before. The system is primarily designed for the measurement of loudspeaker directivity to be used within EASE modelling packages but also finds many uses for the research projects that we work on and has recently been used for the measurement of the sound emitted by domestic products as part of a research project. For more information you can view our flyer here.

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