Giving Acoustics the Finger

By Nov.25, 2014

Paul Darlington (Salford legend) will be giving a seminar this week entitled “Giving Acoustics the Finger”.It will take place on Wednesday at 1pm in N234

Dr Paul Darlington is now Chief Technology Officer of Soundchip SA, which supplies audio components, audio software, professional engineering services and audio test equipment for the consumer electronics and commercial aviation markets. Paul will describe a range of digital applications in contemporary acoustics, taking examples from his musical interests through intelligent, adaptive wearable systems through automated manufacturing, test and quality assurance systems. Soundchip is Registered and Headquartered in Switzerland and has an office in Hong Kong – but its Technology Centre is in Daresbury, Cheshire, where Salford graduates create new, exciting consumer products – examples of which (both the products and the graduates!) will accompany Paul’s presentation.

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