3 Salford papers at 137th AES Convention in LA

By Nov.03, 2014


137th AES Convention, LA

With over 15,000 attendees and 307 exhibitors and sponsors, this year’s US AES convention was one of the biggest yet, featuring, as always, academic contributions, workshops, master classes, and of course the famous exhibition. In the academic section 3 Salford research papers from Rob Oldfield, Ben Shirley and Paul Power were presented. Rob kicked us off on the first morning of the convention with his paper on the Focal-shift phenomenon experienced with the array-based rendering of focused sources. The afternoon saw Paul present his work on the subjective perception of envelopment for ‘with-height’ sound reproduction systems. Then the following day Ben presented a poster on his work with Rob on the 3D interactive audio system implemented as part of the FascinatE Project. All three papers went down extremely well with a great deal of interest and questions from the audiences.

More information on the papers that were presented can be found on the AES website:

The Focal Shift Phenomena for Focused Source Reproduction Using Loudspeaker Arrays, Rob Oldfield and Ian Drumm

Investigation into the Impact of 3D Surround Systems on Envelopment, Paul Power, Bill Davies and Jos Hirst

An Object-Based Audio System for Interactive Broadcasting, Rob Oldfield, Ben Shirley and Jens Spille



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