SARN Members

Prof Helen Louise Ackers

Chair in Global Social Justice

Antibiotic stewardship, community healthcare, nursing and midwifery, developing countries, research capacity building

Prof Richard Birtles

Chair in Biomedicine

Vector-borne diseases, infectious diseases, host-parasite interactions, parasitology

Jim Blanchflower

Lecturer in Physiology and Pharmacology

Antibiotic stewardship, nursing and midwifery

Dr Margaret Coffey

Reader in Public Health

Community healthcare, workplace health

Dr Carole Conroy

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Health

Community healthcare

Dr Natalie Ferry

Senior Lecturer in Biotechnology

Biotechnology, microbiomics, proteomics

Dr Ian Goodhead

Associate Dean of Research and Innovation, Reader in Microbial Genomics

Sequencing, parasitology, research capacity building, infectious diseases, microbiomics

Lloyd Gregory

Academic Partnerships Director, Health Innovation Manchester

Dr Chloe James

Senior Lecturer in Medical Microbiology

Antibiotic resistance mechanisms, biofilms, phage, public engagement, virtual reality

Dr Ċ½eljka Krpetic

Lecturer in Physical Chemistry

Nanomedicine, drug delivery, novel drug therapies, TEM, gold nanoparticles

Dr Joe Latimer

Lecturer in Antimicrobial Resistance

Antibiotic resistance, antibiotic stewardship, bacterial culture, infectious diseases, public engagement

Clare Liptrott

Senior Lecturer in Non-Medical Prescribing

Non-medical prescribing, public health

Prof Michael Lisanti

Chair in Translational Medicine

Cancer, metabolism, novel drug discovery

Prof Andy Miah

Chair in Science Communication and Future Media

Emerging technology, future media, public engagement

Miriam Nantamu

Post-graduate student

Antibiotic resistance, antibiotic stewardship, nursing and midwifery

Dr Steven Rossington

Lecturer in Organic Chemistry

Novel drug discovery, organic chemistry

Greg Watson

Greg Watson

Lecturer in Biomedicine

Microbiology Teaching

Dr Sarah Withers

Lecturer in Biomedicine and Senior Research Scientist at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Physiology, translational medicine, immunity and health, ventilator-associated pneumonia

Dr Heather Yates

Reader in Physics

Nanostructure, novel antibiotic development, biocidal surfaces