SalfordFASD rated as the most expert group on FASD in the UK

It is a new year with another round of good news for the SalfordFASD team.

According to Expertscape, an organisation which rates individuals or institution according to expertise in a specific biomedical subject, the SalfordFASD group (based at the University of Salford) has been rated as the group with the most expertise on FASD in the UK. Expertscape provides ratings on expertise based on country-wise, regional, city-wide, institutional and individual contributions to the advancement of knowledge in biomedical disciplines. The link to this ranking can be found here:

With a combined experience of over 20 years in FASD research, the SalfordFASD team is led by Professor Penny Cook, Professor Clare Allely, and Professor Raja Mukherjee. The team possesses expertise on different aspects of FASD research, ranging from prevalence/epidemiology, trauma/neglect, prevention interventions with midwives, development and delivery of interventions to support those with FASD, to social workers and criminal justice research. Part of the team was recently in Arendal, Norway, at the International European FASD conference to present their work. See picture above.