SalfordFASD researcher gets new FASD-related job!

Today, and with so much excitement, we are happy to announce that one of our researchers has gotten a new appointment. Nicola Hickman is now the Assistant Service Lead at Nudge Education’s FASD and Complex Case Service. Nudge Education is an educational service which helps schools and Local Authorities support those students who are at-risk or have already become chronically disengaged, to help them rediscover a life worth living.

Regarding her new role, Nicola says “I am very excited about my new role; I want to continue to work hard and raise awareness about FASD and plan to use this platform to help and support those who experience the condition daily. It might also help put some of the caregivers (of FASD-impacted children) in touch with the Nudge Education service as a way to receive extra help for their children.”

In a separate and exciting development, Nicola just concluded her undergraduate studies which was entitled “Investigating the Experiences of Caregivers of Children with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: What are the challenges and support needs?.”

The study interviewed 11 parents/carers of FASD-impacted children and identified three main themes: Lack of guidance from the adoption/fostering services, wellbeing, and lack of professional support.

As a research team, we do wish Nicola good luck in her new role!