The FASDSalford Research Team is Growing BIGGER!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the enlargement of the FASDSalford research team. Cutting across all disciplines and levels of study, our research team is growing bigger with the addition of new members. This month, we are excited to warmly welcome Nicola Hickman.

Nicola Hickman is an Undergraduate student within the School of Health and Society at the University of Salford. Nicola’s previous experience of supporting primary school children with Special Educational Needs within mainstream education has provided her with the opportunity to gain understanding of the difficulties in cognitive functioning that children face daily. Her passion for wanting to raise awareness about cognitive issues in children has motivated her to become a mature student in higher education.

When asked why she was keen to join the team, Nicola said:  

‘As I have previously worked with many neurodiverse children, I am keen to deepen my knowledge of the traits and strengths associated with Atypical brain development. The research carried out by the FASD team at Salford is extremely beneficial, but there are still many avenues to explore in order for FASD to be fully understood’.  

Nicola went on to say:  

‘I feel privileged to be classed as being a part of a team that is doing fantastic work in FASD’ 

Nicola wishes to use her degree to pursue a career in psychological research; focusing on cognitive disorders in children and helping to raise awareness and understanding of cognitive developmental disorders. You can read Nicola’s full profile here.