SalfordFASD Speaks!!!

Last month (September, 2021) was filled with activity here at the SalfordFASD research team, as we remain passionate to always talk about fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). We had our much anticipated prevalence study published which attracted significant media attention, the UK’s Department of Health and Social Care published a Needs Assessment report for FASD which mentioned our research, and we donned our FASD T-shirts to celebrate FASD awareness day! Media organisations such as the BBC and other local media outlets published interesting stories and it was heartwarming to realise the positive attention our research is creating. You can hear Penny Cook’s interview here; Robyn McCarthy’s podcast can also be accessed here, while Alan Price participated in a panel of discussion.

In line with our commitment to increasing knowledge and awareness of FASD, the end of 2021 looks very busy again. The SalfordFASD team has been invited and will be supporting the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Neurodevelopmental Special Interest Group (SIG) conference on the 5th of November. The Neurodevelopmental SIG conference will host several sessions and the full program can be located here.

The SalfordFASD team will be featured in the SIG conference with presentations from two of our researchers: Clare Allely will be speaking on ‘why it is important to recognise ASD in the courtroom’ while David Junior Gilbert will be presenting on ‘FASD and the criminal justice system: vulnerability & suggestibility’.

We are looking forward to the impact our team’s research will have at the conference. Registration for the conference can be done here. See you there!

Please get in touch if you wish to know more about FASD: or @FASDSalford