Meet the team

The Domestic Violence Counselling Service is made up of 20 qualified and trainee counsellors, who are either currently studying or have studied at the University of Salford within the counselling training degree programmes. Each has received counselling training that meets the requirements stipulated by BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) for professional practice on qualification. Qualified counsellors are Registered Counsellors with BACP. 

You can see from the photograph below, that we are a diverse group with many variations in our experiences of the world! From our research we know that some people will prefer to speak to some types of individuals about their experiences. We do not prejudge this and will ask at the assessment service if this applies to you, for example, would you prefer a male or a female counsellor? 

We support each other in our work, through peer to peer working and monthly group supervision. As many of our counsellors have also worked in other agencies, we have wide range of experience to draw upon to assist in our client work. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible for you to select the counsellor you want to work with from the photograph. The person you will see will depend on the day of the week you are available and the initial meeting that you have with us. However, we hope that you can see that, whoever you work with, we a very friendly group of people. 

If you would like to access counselling with us, please read the client information sheet about the service before you apply, then complete the self-referral form with as much detail as you feel comfortable to provide.