PaR Centre Seminar Sharing and FigShare Refresher: 16th November 2022

This session for staff and postgraduate researchers opened up key elements of and approaches to researching through creative practice, offered a space for sharing PaR projects and interests, as well as outlining processes in place at UoS for publishing practice based outputs via FigShare. The slides from the session are available here.

Publishing PaR – Online Workshop 2022

The PaR Centre of Excellence offered an online workshop in publishing PaR to staff and postgraduate researchers in the School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology in January 2022. The session outline and slides are available below: ‘Publishing PaR: options, challenges and future possibilities’ – Wednesday 26th January: 2-4pm The PaR Centre of Excellence is […]

Emmie Alderson

Project Title: The Pilgrimage Project: Exploring the creative potential of pilgrimage as performance and as a performance making approach Supervisors: Dr Alison Matthews & Dr Joanne Scott The Pilgrimage Project is a practice as research PhD exploring the universal practice of pilgrimage in relation to contemporary performance. The principal purpose of this research is to examine the creative […]

Owen Davey

Project Title: The Song-Film: An exploration of the enfolding of song-making and first-person filmmaking Supervisors: Dr Joanne Scott and Dr Alison Matthews The Song-Film project is a practice-based and interdisciplinary exploration of the enfolding of song-making and first-person filmmaking. First-person filmmaking, as the theorist Alisa Lebow (2012, p. 1) explains, ‘is foremost about a mode of address: […]

Mosi Dorbayani

Project Title: Cultural Diplomacy: The Role of Music and Creative Industry in Establishing Dialogue and Understanding for Social Impact Supervisors: Professor Alan Williams & Dr Brendan Williams Emerging from financial crisis, world faces growing social inequality, mass immigration, diverse populations, extremism, radicalization, and various forms of threats. Disruptive strategies, expansion of technology and digital communication are […]

Vashti Suwa Gbolagun

Project Title: Tin mining degradation: Autobiographical investigations of home, loss and identity  Supervisors: Dr Judy Kendall and Dr Ursula Hurley I have always been fascinated with going to the ponds around me as a little girl. However, the history of how the ponds got there and the danger that such ponds represent was something I […]

Rachel Newsome

Project Title: This Little Light: Writing Trauma As Shadow Work Supervisors: Dr Jane Kilby & Dr Ursula Hurley As a girl I was afraid of the dark but I was more afraid of my mother. She loomed over my childhood, a furious, screaming figure whose cruel and abusive behaviour bore all the hallmarks of an extreme […]

Mariano Sibilia

Project Title: The Psychology Of Limitations In Contemporary Music Practice Supervisors: Dr. Adam Hart, Dr. Brendan Williams, Professor Alan Williams The aim of my research project is the identification of the complex relationship between technology, creativity and musical aesthetics. Considering the technological growth and media evolution, a great focus would be the investigation of the […]

Stephen Sunderland

Project Title: Diving to The Cinema Beneath the Lake: a novel as immersive, synthetic-magical exploration of the surrealist prose of Claude Cahun, Ithell Colquhoun and Leonora Carrington Supervisors: Dr Ursula Hurley & Dr Scott Thurston The concept of mimicry or simulation has often been omitted from accounts of Surrealism, which tend to emphasise the movement’s belief in […]

Lucie Sykes

Project Title: Embodied Dance Improvisatory Approaches: Exploring the Sculptural Qualities of Improvising Bodies within Motion Capture Environments  Supervisors: Dr Joanne Scott and Dr Richard Talbot  This thesis examines the relationship between experiential events of improvising bodies and expressive movement qualities and proposes that working with sculptural qualities offers an innovative approach to dance improvisation within a motion capture environment. Through […]

Enrique Tabone

Project Title: Exploring the Visualization of Scientific Data for Artistic Practice Supervisors: Dr Toni Sant and Dr Manuel Hernandez This project explores the visualization of specific datasets from Wikidata through artistic practice. The research stems from initial digital curation work I conducted on the women artists whose works are in the University of Salford’s Art […]

Ben Warburton

Project Title: Alethic: An Exploration of the Relationship between Fake News and Ancient Myth, and their Shared Mechanisms of Behavioural Influence Supervisors: Dr Eleftheria Rania Kosmidou and Dr Juan Hiriart Vera Alethic is a practice-as-research PhD thesis, primarily focused on consumer behavioural manipulation via social media, interrogating the mechanisms utilised through the lens of ancient myth, and […]

Yanxi Wu

Project Title: The Transcultural Dynamics of Art: A Case Study Approach to Art Collections in Manchester/Liverpool to Test the Viability and Future Possibilities of Online Exhibitions Supervisors: Professor Alaric Searle & Dr. Toni Sant Abstract This research project examines digital curation in relation to local art collections in the Greater Manchester and Liverpool area. A […]

Haleemah X

Project Title: Muslim Female Rappers Supervisors: Dr Joanne Scott and Dr Leslie McMurtry Abstract In contemporary media and culture, the representation of Muslim women is still narrow, stereotypical and one-dimensional. The aim of this thesis is to explore and investigate Muslim female identity and representation and its cultural and sociopolitical shift and development with the […]