Caroline Magennis

New publication from Caroline Magennis

We are delighted to hear that Caroline’s new book is to appear in Spring 2024. The publisher’s press release follows: Icon is to publish Harpy: A Manifesto for Childfree Women a meditation on the choice of not having children, and critique of the structures that condemn women who make an active choice not to be

Irish Studies at Salford

Salford will be well represented at the 21st conference of the Asociación Española de Estudios Irlandeses (Spanish Association for Irish Studies) at the University of Valencia. Three papers have been accepted –  from Reader in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Literature Dr Caroline Magennis and two PhD students, Elsie Unsworth and Katie Barnes. Caroline will present from her work on

English Research Seminar: Emma Barnes

We are delighted to announce the latest English Research Seminar, taking place in person on Wednesday 7 December between 2:30 and 4:30 on the University of Salford campus. Unfortunately Caroline Magennis will now not appear due to illness. If you wish to attend as a member of the public, please contact Scott Thurston on