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National Police Autism Association (NPAA)

The National Police Autism Association (NPAA) was founded in 2015 to provide autism support to police officers, staff and the community. Our external-facing work was prompted by a need to provide all police officers with autism awareness training and to share best practice – at the time those Forces which provided training tended to include […]

Guest blogger: Kleio Cossburn

By Kleio Cossburn @autismCJS My interest in autism and the Criminal Justice System stems from my time as a police officer. One of my roles involved interviewing suspects and preparing court files. On the occasions where I dealt with autistic suspects, it appeared to me that communication difficulties might have been a contributing factor to their […]

Fighting for my brother.

By Charlotte Henry A follow on from: My son – disregarded by society. I have always been protective over my brother – throughout my parent’s turbulent relationship we sought solace from one another and throughout the years of bullying he endured I sought to protect him, often turning up unexpected when my high school broke […]

My son – discarded by society

By Sally Halsall   It was every mother’s nightmare, screaming for help but no one came to help.  My lovely vulnerable son. I knew there was something wrong and the only person who could save him was me. But he did not seem to listen to me when I tried to steer him in the […]

Promoting Autism and Learning Disability Awareness in the Criminal Justice System

By Dr. Hugh Asher I recently completed a three-year project delivering learning disability and autism awareness to staff across the Criminal Justice System for the charity KeyRing. During this time, I delivered a one-day training course to over 1600 front-line staff in the Criminal Justice System (CJS). The training was co-delivered each time with a […]

Guest Blog #003

My experience of Autism Spectrum Conditions is different to others that have written this week. Mine is that of a parent to a child on the spectrum, no doubt a position I share with many others if national statistics are to be believed. My journey started 7yrs ago when my eldest daughter started to self-harm […]

Guest Blog #002

I only  got diagnosed a couple of years ago ; it  came about as a result of a few issues happening at the same time. Firstly id been googling autism as I thought my Dad was displaying symptoms, then the more I read it, the more I thought oops this is actually me. This happened […]

Guest Blog #001

Being given a diagnosis of Asperger’s was no surprise to me. I’ve always known, you can’t possibly have a 20 year old son with Asperger’s and not realise you’re on the spectrum too.  I used to be an operational Police Officer and never felt the need to obtain a diagnosis, but in recent years I […]