“Thoughts on Psychology at Salford’s new seminar series “Applying Psychology in the 21st Century”

It is rare these days that we get something for nothing. As level 4 students will know from John Allbutt’s recent Lecture on Affiliation, attraction and love, some people are motivated on a cost/reward basis. Well, what costs nothing, and then rewards you with an insightful view of applying psychology? The first in our ‘Free Seminar Series on Applying Psychology in the 21st century’ that is what.

The series kicked off with Sam Grogan (Researcher and Dean of students), offering a penetrating view of ‘absorption’ for the performer resulting in the potential of them encountering ‘optimal experience’. Some Level 4 students were quoted as being ‘mind blown’ and others ‘mindful’. The general feedback was that the experience was a great insight into what we may expect to see in the future of contemporary Psychology. The presentation engaged the viewer, and kept your attention causing participation and development in your own ideas and opinions.

Theories that explained how performers become lost in the performance they are giving, are no longer just the performer but merged with the objects they are encountering which in turn offers the possibility of ‘optimal experience” for the performer, how this can be effected by repetition, causing the performer to loosen their ‘grip’ and how these methodologies can be considered in other fields were just some of what was covered. These theories were reinforced by memorable narrative quotes from such books as ‘winnie the pooh’; this may sound odd, but during the presentation made perfect sense.

The session ended with an invitation to take part in a practical focus session allowing the audience to become ’absorbed’ through techniques used within Grogan’s own practical work. By focussing on only music and allowing the subconscious to take the lead on our physical movement creating movement in its own way: dance.

I would definitely recommend, if you haven’t already, that you see for yourself. You may not follow the narrative 100% but you will understand the general theme of what it being presented and this can only lead to an increase our knowledge and help us become more independent in our thoughts and ideas in psychology. It is not going to cost anything other than your time for what could be an invaluable session. I have registered for the next one, have you?

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Also, If you would like to take a look at the presentation by Sam Grogan you can do so here;