Dr Željka Krpetic

Lecturer in Physical Chemistry

University of Salford


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Željka is the principal investigator and founder of the Salford NanoLAB research group, which works on the development of novel multifunctional and multimodal nanoparticles for a variety of applications in nanomedicine and materials science. Her research spans from anticancer nanotechnology-based therapies, to the development of novel nanoparticle drug delivery systems for antimicrobial biofilm formation and the study of nanoparticle-based synergistic effects. Željka is an expert in nanofabrication, characterising advanced nanoparticles in comple biological fluids, and seeks to apply nanoparticles in medical therapies and diagnostics. She is also Associate Editor for Springer-Nature’s Cancer Nanotechnology Journal.

Current projects
Designing smart peptides for antimicrobial biofilm formation applications with Dr Natalie Ferry.

Selected works