Professor Michael Lisanti

Chair in Translational Medicine

University of Salford

Michael has been an active research scientist for over 30 years, driving research into tumour metabolism and the discovery of novel cancer biomarkers. His current research programme focuses on interactions between the tumour and the host, and repurposing existing drugs as novel cancer therapies.

Current projects
Targetting mitochondria to find bioactive agents against cancer stem cells and bacteria.
with Joe Latimer and Luma Godoy Magalhães

Selected works
Fiorillo, M. … Lisanti, M. P. (2016). Bedaquiline, an FDA-approved antibiotic, inhibits mitochondrial function and potently blocks the proliferative expansion of stem-like cancer cells (CSCs). Aging (Albany, NY) 8(8)
Ozsvari, B. … Lisanti, M. P. (2017). Mitoriboscins: Mitochondrial-based therapeutics targeting cancer stem cells (CSCs), bacteria and pathogenic yeast. Oncotarget 8(40)