Training & Workshops

Find out more about what we cover in the Laterpreneurs Workshops. Workshops will be delivered online with a couple of face to face networking opportunities.

  • Understanding your business idea: We will focus on you, your business idea , the validity of your business idea, pricing, your target market and what potential there might be for success.
  • Branding and Value Proposition: This session is all about building a brand around your business idea including defining your values, mission and the purpose of your enterprise.
  • Building an online strategy: Development of an online strategy, marketing ideas and practical marketing options. 
  • Designing a business operation plan: Aligning your business operation to support and deliver on the marketing promise. Process flows and capacity management. This session is all about how you can make your business idea work in reality including delivering the promises and purpose that you have outlines in your marketing and communications as well as your own capacity to manage the business.
  • Finances: We will look at everything you need to start, develop and manage your day to day finances including overheads ,personal survival plan, how to set targets and make sales.
  • Networking event: Time to make connections with already existing successful businesses within Greater Manchester and learn from best practices shared.
  • Business start-up (check-in clinic): This session will bring together all the previous elements, to check in with your progress and understanding but also think about what you need personally to take the next steps of starting up your business.