An Innovative Project-Laterpreneurs

This project is designed to create a support group or “Business Club” for people over the age of 50 who are either looking to start a business or have recently started one. The University has significant experience engaging with this age group through the Silver Workers project: a European funded project which engaged with over 100 participants and 200 employers.

This project considers barriers and challenges for a wide range of characteristics, alongside the differing needs of those over the age of 50. The support group will take a welcoming approach, to ensure it is inclusive of any individual over the age of 50 who wishes to start a business.

The overarching objectives:

  • Establish the support group
  • Design a bespoke training programme
  • Create follow-on modules focused on business growth
  • Provide training through the group, enabling members to start their own business
  • Create a support network for start-ups with local organisations, including: Greater Manchester Business Growth Hub, Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Local community groups, Local authorities

No business is too small, if you want to start a business, start now.

The Project Team

All members of the project are experienced academics working at the University of Salford….