Research and Monitoring

The IGNITION NBS living lab is providing live data that feeds into ongoing research of these solutions. The research will provide valuable understanding of how these solutions work in this geographical and urban context that will be openly available.

The research includes 4 main study topics:

  1. Energy and Monitoring: Whether GI will make savings in urban environment (buildings and otherwise).
  2. Hydrological: The effect of NBS on water attenuation.
  3. Ecology: Includes the biological elements and understand the performance of raingardens, street trees, green roofs and living walls on numerous climate variables and potentially whether NBS yields business / monetary benefits. 
  4. Human interaction: This is in relation to impacts on people (including thermal comfort, aesthetics and social value) and perceptions of the Living Lab for the population: students, staff, visitors and how they interact.

Living Lab Design Mapping

Green Wall and Attenuation Tank

Green Roof

Rain Garden

SUDS Trees

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