Financial Education

We have conducted research on the effectiveness of different forms of financial education aimed at a variety of groups.  

Community Money Mentors evaluation (Toynbee Hall), 2015-18 

CFS evaluated impact of Community Money Mentors project run by Toynbee Hall, which involved training volunteers to spread good money management practices in their local communities. We analysed longitudinal survey data and conducted focus groups and interviews to produce three annual evaluation reports. 

Teach It (Toynbee Hall), 2018-19 

We evaluated the effectiveness of a train-the-trainer programme linked to the Community Money Mentors programme, which aimed to equip graduates to deliver financial education themselves. The evaluation involved analysis of longitudinal survey data as well as conducting qualitative interviews and focus groups with participants and staff.  

Money Management and Debt Advice project (Salford Foundation), 2017-19 

We conducted an evaluation of a financial capability project aimed at vulnerable women in the criminal justice system or at the risk of offending. The team conducted qualitative interviews with participants and staff, designed survey and analysed survey data.