Cohort 4

Lesley Davidson

Project title: Access to prosthesis repairs and impacts on activity, psychological wellbeing and embodiment

Project details: The impact that prosthetic device failures may have on the wellbeing of the user is very poorly documented. For users for whom device breakdowns are a frequent occurrence, just giving up on the device altogether may be their long-term solution. This is relevant in the UK but also in low income settings where difficulties accessing reliable devices and adequate repair services may exacerbate the issues above. The purpose of my work is to gather data to demonstrate the importance of repairs in relation to user experience and utilise this to inform service design.

Supervisors: Prof Laurence Kenney & Dr Adam Galpin (University of Salford)

Hobbies and interests: I am an OT by background and have worked in quite a few different clinical areas including hand therapy/plastics, wheelchairs and paediatrics. Outside of work, I spend most of my time hiking, swimming outdoors, playing piano, learning how to sail, write books and go running.