Cohort 4

Harry Thompson

My project title is ‘The development of a high-performance, durable, low-cost, modular recycled Carbon fibre composite prosthetic foot system for Low- and middle-income countries.’

I will be based at the University of Strathclyde; my supervisor is Dr Arjan Buis.

I have a Master of Mechanical Engineering degree from The University of Birmingham, I joined to CDT as prosthetics is a great blend of helping people and engineering both being extremely interesting to me. The first part of my project is focusing on categorising how different design aspects effect the gait cycle of prosthetic feet, using an industrial robot to reproduce motion. I plan to then go on to design a prosthetic foot taking the knowledge I have learnt from testing current devices. To use recycled carbon fibre in my design I will need to conduct material testing to understand if it would be suitable for prosthetic feet. Alongside my PhD studies I’m a very keen rower currently rowing with Agecroft rowing club and hope to continue this when I move up to Strathclyde, along with exploring the amazing Scottish scenery.